Thursday, 3 May 2012

My hair history

Those of you that know me well will be familiar with my on-going quest for the perfect hair style. I’ve rocked many a look in my time but none have been quite right ever since I (stupidly) thought it was a good idea to get my hair cut into a Victoria Beckham-esque bob. Huge mistake. MASSIVE. And I’ve been attempting to grow my hair long again ever since. Since changing my haircare routine at the beginning of the year I have seen some results and growth has been noted by my work colleagues (and myself) but I’m still longing for bottom grazing locks. If anyone knows of any miracle products that will encourage my ravaged tresses into submission, please get in touch. For now, lets take a look at my hair, through history (most images where my hair actually looks long is thanks to Dream Girl hair extensions):

 ...and here's the look I'm sporting right now, not as long as I'd like and a pretty strange colour (but hey, it's a work in progress):

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