Thursday, 31 May 2012

More dash than cash

Lately I've been finding myself getting irrationally angry with people who are overly wealthy. I'm mostly doing this in my head of course (we've not quite reached nuthouse stages yet) but as I stroll through Hyde Park on my way to work, passing by size zero women working out with their personal trainers and ladies wearing pristine Hunter wellies whilst walking their pedigree pooches I find myself getting more and more wound up. Case in point: Vogue magazines More Dash Than Cash issue, claiming to be big on fashion but low on price.

I mean really? Come on.

I would love to have a spare £350 to spend on a blazer but sadly for me the reality is that I take home less than that each month after rent and bills. Since when did life become so expensive? I vividly remember working in a pub in my early twenties and taking home enough each week for all my bills, a shopping spree and numerous nights out. Now I'm lucky if I get to make one new purchase and nights out usually need to involve some sort of 2-for-1 dinner coupon (or a meal at The Boy's fave, Wetherspoons). The girls and I spend most days dreaming up elaborate schemes to make our millions, but until then I need to keep a tight grip on my purse strings and try to stay out of the more expensive stores. Therefore please see below for my very own More Dash than Cash post, for us girls who are watching the pennies but still want to be bang on trend.

This Jacket from H&M is not only a great cut but will be a good transitional piece for when we move into Autumn. Jacket - H&M £29.99

I love a loose vest in the summertime and this mint coloured one from Lavish Alice is in a key colour for the season. Silk Vest - Lavish Alice £14

These vintage inspired lenses will keep the sun at bay and help you keep your cool (especially at the cash register) for a mere £8. Sunglasses - Dorothy Perkins £8

One of my work colleagues has this scarf and I've been admiring it a lot lately as it brings together a number of key colours and is in a great aztec inspired print. Scarf - Accessorize £22

What are your must-have budget conscious buys for Summer?


  1. I need that mint vest! The jacket also looks a lot more expensive than it's price tag - might have to nab that too! x

  2. while i love vogue til my dying day, im not sure they know what affordable fashion is (or at least what i consider affordable fashion). love the h&m jacket, so laura i require your help in starting a petition to get an h&m in cyprus please! thank you :)


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