Saturday, 20 October 2012

There's something about Muriel

The weekend before my birthday Zsa treated me to afternoon tea as a special treat and even though we were stuffed full of cake we decided that going to dinner immediately afterwards was the natural conclusion to our day. 

More than enough to share

We headed to South Kensington (one of my favourite stomping grounds) to check out a gorgeous little eatery I've been wanting to try for a while; Muriel's Kitchen

On the many occasions I've been wandering around the area I've often been seen drooling outside the window at all the delicious treats on offer. It's always packed (which can only be a good thing) not only with people but also with gorgeous looking food that I long to try.

Having finally got a chance to do so, we found it difficult (as usual) to decide on what to have but settled for salmon (me), lasagne (Zsa), and a couple of sides to satisfy our cravings (lentil salad, mixed tomatoes and olives). All of it, without exception, tasted absolutely amazing, fresh and flavour-full.

The food was delicious

Not only was the food amazing, but the setting was perfect for a spot of people watching and gossiping whilst sipping Arizona Iced Tea (my favourite cold drink). Zsa and I are no longer working together but that's definitely not going to put the brakes on our friendship, we just have to make sure we make time to indulge in our love of London, fashion, food and each other. Which I definitely don't see there being a problem with.

The enevitable photo op over dinner

Muriel's Kitchen opened in 2011 and serves wholesome, healthy food with no saturated fat, is organic and the ingredients come from family run businesses where possible. What's not to love? The quality of the ingredients comes through in the taste (the salmon is to die for) and I can definitely see Muriel's Kitchen becoming a firm favourite for Saturday lunch. That is, if I'm willing to join all the other Londoners queuing up for the delicious fare on offer.

Muriel's Kitchen uses tried and tested recipes created by a real-life Mothers and Grandmothers, whose kitchens were the heart and soul of family life, which have then been developed by the team of top chefs at Muriel's Kitchen - I can't wait to go back and try some more.

Find out more about Muriel's Kitchen here.


  1. Ah Miss D this is seriously giving me food envy!

  2. this place looks amazing! super cute and those lentils would give any cypriot women a run for their money (lentils and chickpeas are a traditional dish here). Might have to try this place when im next in London :)


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