Thursday, 23 May 2013

My week in photos 20

This week has been pretty busy as The Boy and I prepare for our road trip next week and I get settled in at the new job. 

The Chelsea Flower Show has been doing its utmost to prevent me from getting to the office but so far I've somehow managed to scrape in on time (fingers crossed for tomorrow) and have been utilising my time spent on the bus by catching up with work.

The bro made a visit to London town last weekend for The Boy's birthday which was nice although it turned into a bit of a quiet night for us, Mark due to being ill the week before and me to sheer exhaustion. The Boy of course rocked in at 3am having spent the night dancing to cheese with his friends in Camden. A bit gutted I didn't last the night to be honest but there's no way I would have made it, all these late nights and early mornings at work have a habit of catching up with me at the weekend (although usually when we're watching a DVD or at the cinema).

Here's a snippet of what we've been getting up to.
 Clockwise from top left: We belong on Saville Row - Father Christmas for The Boy's birthday - Dreaming of NYC in scent - the perfect Friday night
Clockwise from top left: Cakes from a supplier at work - What I wore - Healthy dinner - The Boy's birthday presents - Chinatown yummyness - Pretty pansies - Headed out on a Saturday night - Standard car outside the flat

Tuesday, 21 May 2013

My M&S

I must admit, I LOVE M&S.

Ever since I worked there, maybe even before, it's been my go-to store for: underwear, food, bedding, pots and pans, Christmas presents.....I could go on. The fashion on offer can sometimes be somewhat hit and miss but even so about 50% of the clothes in my wardrobe are from Marks and Sparks.

And with Winter coming (that's right people, no Summer this year) the recently released press shots of the new collection have me aching for Autumn. When it's properly cold and I can wear thick tights, a tweed coat and a spot of faux fur.

Expect to see me rocking the A-line midi skirt, the oversized bomber, the tartan mini and the tweed suit. Yay for Winter!

Saturday, 11 May 2013

My week in photos 19

This week has been majorly busy: we were away at our one-and-only wedding of 2013 last weekend, I finished at All Saints on Wednesday and started at Reiss on Thursday, we met the sis for dinner and I went for leaving drinks in Shoreditch on Friday night.

What is it about new jobs? I have spent the past two days so tired that I'm almost asleep on my journey home every evening. I guess trying constantly to make a good impression takes it out of you. 

This weekend will be used mostly for catching my breath before my first full week starts on Monday. Even though I'm exhausted, I am loving every minute and am looking forward to the new challenges on their way.

Here's some pictures of what I've been getting up to, wearing, liking and loving over the past week:

 Clockwise from top left: A sunny walk last Friday - The first Pimms of the Summer - Blue skies over West London - A beautiful bloom
 Clockwise from top left: A Lebs lunch on my return to central London - My first day ensemble - Cooking dinner for The Boy - Drinks in the sunshine - Chicken burger at GBK - A gorgeous leaving cake by the wonderful Lizzie - A cocktail reception - The new office
Clockwise from top left: Ice cream with the sis - New shoes - Leaving presents, they know me so well - LOVE this card in Selfridges - Second day ensemble - Oysters on the Kings Road - A casual look for the weekend - Blossoms 

This week brings The Boy's birthday, which is always busy, so expect another picture packed post next week.

Sunday, 5 May 2013

The Love List

It's been a while since I've written a Love List so thought it was about time I shared some of the bits and pieces I've been lusting after lately.

As some of you may know, I start a new job this week (eeeeeek!) so, as usual, I've become obsessed with finding the perfect workwear. I think for me, this summer will be all about accessories - the perfect way to easily (and cheaply) update my already bulging wardrobe. I love the chunky gold rings, below, and an oversize clutch bag is definitely my holdall of choice.

 Image from Lucky Mag
Image from (leopard) l'extravagance
After all, a spot of neon or a touch of leopard print never did anyone any harm. 
I'm also lusting after this top from H&M (and the model's hair) which will be perfect for work during the summer months.
 Image from H&M

The warmer weather also has me attempting to eat healthier and be a bit more experimental in what we have for dinner every night. Pinterest and Good Food are my usual sources of inspiration - here's some of the dishes I'm planning on making over the coming months.

Ice Lollies - Image from Endless Simmer
Salad - Image from IOWA Girl Eats

Mmmmmm, salad with avocado, my absolute favourite meal.
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