Tuesday, 8 May 2012

The (food) love list

Firstly, apologies in advance as this weeks love list is pretty food heavy (well, unhealthy food heavy mostly). What can I say, a lot of my favourite foodie bloggers have caught my eye of late with many a plate of delicious delights.

I'm always on the lookout for lunch ideas and, being a fan of all things bread related, this recipe for Cuban Paninis over at The Three Little Piglets naturally caught my eye. Turkey, pickles and baby swiss cheese? What's not to love. At some point I also want to make a batch of their Double Caramel Brownies after last weeks baking success (more of that later).

Speaking of lunch ideas, Sophia's Journal has prompted me to get healthy (as her lunch boxes always look so amazing). I'm thinking of doing my "A week on my plate" feature again and hope that my lunches will look at least half as nice as Sophia's.

Image by Sophia's Journal

Another sandwich I have my eye on is by Dixie Chik Cooks (a girl after my own heart, whose blog tagline is "A Southern Belle who thinks about what's for dinner while eating lunch") and consists of Caprese grilled cheese, Mozzarella, Brie and Honey Mayo. There's something so satisfying about a grilled cheese sandwich to liven up an otherwise ordinary lunch (not that there's anything ordinary about three different cheeses for lunch. No siree).

Image by Dixie Chik Cooks
Ever since Zsa told me that she'd had a toasted ham sandwich for dinner one night last week I've been craving a sandwich of the cooked variety. This primal urge for melted cheddar wasn't helped when I saw this post on Sacramento Street on Tuesday. Toasted cheddar and spinach. One word: YUM.

 Image by Sacramento Street

But enough with the sandwiches (well, kind of), I'm dying to try these black bean and roasted sweet potato tacos that I found over at Bubby and Bean, they look simply delish and perfect for the summer weather (if we ever get any).
Image by Bubby and Bean
I hope you've enjoyed this week's love list - see you again next week for some more of my weekly obsessions!

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