Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Shopping is my cardio

Generally, I don't really shop that much online. 

I like the thrill of a trip to the high street to check out the latest offerings, but today's Blogtember topic, links to your favorite online shops, has forced me to examine my Internet spending habits. 

I hate to say it but my online spending habits are somewhat boring. 

Ebay tops the list of where I both spend and earn money, and have done for years. I love that no matter what I want or need I can find someone, somewhere in the world, who'll be selling it at a price I'm willing to pay.

For originality and the closest online experience to the type of shops I like to frequent on the high street, I like Etsy. I've always been drawn to the hand-made and crafted, so this website is perfect for me, regardless of what I'm looking to buy.

California iPhone case by casesbycsera available on Etsy

I love Amazon for books, DVDs and more recently hard to find food and ingredients.

For kitchenware I love Fishs Eddy, which is both an amazing store and fantastic website which sells crockery with many, many gorgeous designs which are both modern and vintage inspired. When The Boy and I get a place of our own, well, he's in trouble. 

We'll definitely need lots of storage.

For gifts I like to browse on Not on the High Street, Red Direct and Bloomsbury & Co but usually just get ideas rather than make a purchase.
 Wall hanging print by Minna's Room on Not on the high street

When shopping for clothes online it's normally eBay but I do love a browse on the Next website, as it's really easy to view the products as if you were flicking through the catalogue with a cup of tea. 

This post is part of Blogtember, the brainchild of Jenni over at Story of My Life.


  1. Is the title of the post Carrie Bradshaw inspired? May I have just found another Sex and City fanatic like myself?

    Kari | Lipstick Stains & Coffee Cups


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