Thursday, 12 September 2013

Lost & Found: My life's work

Today's Blogtember topic is to discuss ways that blogging or social media has changed you, and I have to say it's changed how I spend my spare time quite considerably.

I've always loved writing and even studied it for my degree but after I finished studying life started to get in the way. Working in a retail head office and the long hours that it comes with meant that a couple of years back you'd be more likely to find me crashed out on the sofa after a long day than writing a blog post. 

All that changed when I moved to London and I'm not really sure why. Whether it was being away from my friends and family or seeing so many new things, I found myself looking for a way to share what I was getting up to with the people back home.

That's when this blog began. A place for me to write about the places I've been going, the things that I'm enjoying (or not), share things I like and my life in London, Lost & Found is now very much a central part of almost every day.

Another bonus is that writing for Lost & Found encourages me to try out new restaurants and bars and to go to events that I might have passed up before. I don't particularly like jumping on the bandwagon in any area of my life but especially when it comes to blogging.

If I'm not writing up a post I'm nagging myself to get writing, so even if I don't post for a while you can guarantee there will be hundreds of ideas in my head that I'm yet to find time to jot down.

This year has been much quieter for me in terms of posts but that's mainly been due to my work life kicking up a notch as I've been promoted and changed companies but I'm trying to make sure I find time to write. Blogtember is definitely helping and I hope to continue posting often, even after the month is over. 
 *One thing that I have learned lately is that I like reading blogs where there are a fair few pictures of the writer, so here's a gratuitous look of the day for your viewing pleasure.

This post is part of Blogtember, the brainchild of Jenni over at Story of My Life.


  1. I really enjoyed your post. I love blogging (and Facebook, a bit too much I believe). Social media is sometimes the only way for me to connect with friends who went abroad (and soon I'm going to one of the expats as well). Also social media has brought me to meet lovely people from around the world, some of them I'm meeting on a regular basis every few months. :) xx Olivia

  2. Ah thanks so much, glad you enjoyed it.

    Where are you moving to?



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