Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Random Wednesday: Burberry Brit White Collection Launch

A couple of weeks ago, Random Wednesday took me and the girls to the launch of the Burberry Brit White Collection at the Burberry Brit store in Covent Garden, to enjoy canap├ęs, cocktails and a preview of the new collection.

I was under no illusion that I would actually be able to buy anything (due in part to the brands high price point and largely to my low wage packet) but I love the Burberry brand and was interested to see what this range would be like. The breathable and lightweight fabrics and colour palette immediately gave this collection a different feel to what I usually associate with Burberry and overall I was impressed. Sadly, the only Burberry garment I own is a vintage trench coat I bought at a charity shop for £13 (winning) which I am considering selling on eBay due to it now being too big for me (also winning). And, due to my general clumsiness and love of food, I'm pretty sure the Burberry White range will always be out of my grasp. However, I often think that if I was one of those More Dash Than Cash women, Burberry would quickly become one of my go-to brands for all things timeless and stylish, as I love their designs and think they're one of the most innovative brands around.
The Burberry Brit Store - Bags and shoes from the current collection - a DJ to keep us entertained - Zsa and Rebecca peruse the merchandise (that's right, we like Kurt Geiger) - Lust-worthy bags - Innovative sunglasses - The Burberry Brit White Collection

This particular Wednesday should also be known as the day that Summer officially hit London town. I dressed accordingly in a dip-hemmed carboot sale dress that I have been dying to wear even since I bought it a few months back.

Dress - Miss Selfridge (via a Hampshire carboot sale)
Scarf - Primark
Bag - Hobbs
Shoes - Matalan
Sunglasses - Primark


  1. a) im totally jealous that you went to this event and b) you look amazing and i love the red dress/scarf combo xx

  2. oh I was there too! shame I did not see you!



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