Sunday, 10 June 2012

Made in Chelsea

On Monday, following an eventful Jubilee weekend, The Boy and I decided to head out for a spot of ice cream in a passing patch of sunshine. We live pretty close to Holland Park (one of my favourite places in London) so took a stroll over to check out the Holland Park branch of Gelato Mio, an Italian ice cream store and cafe with eight locations around London.

I had passed different branches of the Gelato Mio on a number of occasions but had never actually been inside (even though I had been tempted by the delicious cones the customers were always walking away with). Having seen the cast of Made in Chelsea indulging in some ice cream sundaes from the one and only Gelato Mio in a recent episode, I decided that Monday was the day The Boy and I should finally see what all the fuss was about. Following a bit of a wander around the area, we popped inside (alas, all the outside seats were taken) and made our selections from the wide variety of flavours on offer.

I went for a Cookie Monster from the Goblets Menu, which came in a wafer "goblet" filled to the brim with deliciousness - namely Stracciatella, Cookies and Cream, Cookie Pieces and Caramel Sauce. One word: Yum. The Boy got highly confused with the ordering process (this is nothing new) but eventually chose to go for a selection of flavours (chocolate and caramel) in a cup. He then proceeded to "help me out" with mine.
 Find out more about Gelato Mio here.

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