Friday, 28 March 2014

A change will do you good

Recently I've gotten really into reading blogs again.

The past few months I've been whiling away many an evening on Pinterest which, although fun, isn't actually achieving very much. I gave up reading the Daily Mail online but another addiction seems to have crept up on me. And with Mother commenting that my iPad is "like an extension of your arm" I've realised that something has to change. I have therefore spent the past couple of evenings reading my current book of choice, finally filing my paperwork (a boring but necessary evil), and catching up with some of my favourite bloggers, the ones I can really relate to and inspire me to want to blog again.

Although reading blogs is still technically using the iPad it is encouraging me to start updating Lost and Found on a more regular basis and giving me plenty of inspiration along the way. Hell, I'm writing now aren't i?

Here's some links to a few of my faves.

The Beauty Crush - For fashion, beauty and lifestyle inspiration
Live Love DIY - For inspiration for the big move

Milk Bubble Tea - For all things gorgeous and to inspire me to keep my house clean

 Rachel Phipps - For all your foodie needs
 Jaclyn Hill - Super talented make up and beauty vlogger
The Daybook - For wonderful writing, fashion and lifestyle observations
 The Londoner - Because her adventures in London town (and the world) never get old 
 The Life Wardrobe - For giggles and fashion inspiration

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