Saturday, 12 October 2013

My week in photos 24

I'm currently trying to not spend much money (saving for Christmas/Florida/many another plan) but I've still been managing to find ways to keep myself entertained.

I normally try and escape the office at lunch, even if it's just for twenty minutes and recently I've been venturing into Selfridges quite often. I don't go to spend money, actually I normally end up getting quite annoyed about the massive amounts of cash I see people spending, but it does give me a huge number of ideas for Christmas presents and decorations. 

Although maybe not the £29.95 bauble that would be perfect for Zsa (maybe something equally as gorgeous but slightly less expensive).

Here's some pictures of things I've been doing/loving/lusting after over the past week.
Clockwise from top left: It would seem even my new notebook is trying to tell me something - Debating whether or not to spend my Selfridges voucher on a Barbie - A suitable card to describe my approach to food - Gearing up for Christmas with a lunchtime wander.
Clockwise from top left: Marathon build up - An Autumn run in Hyde Park - Enjoying a delicious burger at Cask Pub & Kitchen in Pimlico with Dad - The exterior of Cask Pub & Kitchen

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