Saturday, 29 June 2013

My week in photos 22

This past week or so has been busy...and hot. 

London for the last few weeks has been hot and humid but not necessarily sunny, mores the pity. Finding ensembles for work has again been a challenge, especially when you want to walk the four miles home without having to carry a suitcase full of work wear all the way.

As usual I've been seeing friends and eating out (a lot) but I have been exercising more and more, which I'm loving. The half-marathon inches ever closer and if I'm to beat my time from last year I need to step it up a gear. 

Here's a little snapshot of what I've been getting up to (mostly eating and taking lotd pictures).
Clockwise from top left: My return to central London has of course meant a return to Lebs lunches - A casual weekend ensemble - Happy Fathers Day to my amazing Dad - Taking Grandad for dinner at the Sussex Brewery
Clockwise from top left: The Summer sales are here - A Wimbledon related celeb spot in Selfridges - My new blender gets its first outing - Another amazing window display at Selfridges - The sunsets over the rooftops of London - A quick selfie - Loving the latest campaign by Fuller's London Pride - Sightseeing on my journey home
 Clockwise from top left: Tired eyes on a Sunday morning - A Healthy Friday night dinner - Chocolate cheesecake at dinner with Grandad - Krispy Kreme's in the office, my kind of workplace

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