Tuesday, 2 July 2013

A month in my wardrobe

Since I started my new job I have been taking pictures (or rather, The Boy has) of my ensemble for the day every morning before I leave for work. This has meant The Boy doesn't get to enjoy his morning lie in quite so much and I ultimately have to open my eyes a little wider before throwing on the first outfit that comes to hand, but all in all I've been really enjoying the whole process.

Mostly I decided to take an OOTD* picture every morning to try and encourage me to make more of an effort, be more creative with my dressing and as my Mother so nicely put it recently: "wear less black".

Here's what I've learned and some of my favourite images from along the way.
  • I need to go into black blazer rehab. No question. A black blazer everyday does not a stylish outfit make.
  • In the words of my Mother: "Maybe sometimes you should wear more colour" I'm a fan of leopard. I'm a fan of denim. I'm a fan of black. But real, vibrant, eye popping colour? Rarely does it grace my wardrobe and really, it should.
  • A centre parting is definitely the way forward.
  • If your ensemble doesn't make you feel amazing, why are you wearing it? Special pieces shouldn't be saved for "best" in favour of that tired old jumper (or black blazer as the case may be).
  • Heels are so much more flattering than flats...but they simply won't do when you spend most of your days running all over town.
  • And finally... My hair is getting long! At last!
*Outfit of the day (for your benefit, Dad)

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