Thursday, 27 June 2013

A Saturday in my city

A couple of weeks back was the first weekend in a while when The Boy and I were at home, didn't have much planned and were free to come and go as we pleased. As it turned out we spent a lot of time catching up with friends but still fitted in some time wandering in our city.

On Saturday we'd been invited to go and sample breakfast at a recently opened hotel in Chelsea but the less said about that the better (a generally uncomfortable experience that left The Boy and I looking for the exit). 

To be totally honest, I wish we'd stayed at home and eaten The Boy's amazing cooked breakfast (scrambled eggs to die for). 

But oh well, you live and learn.

After our escape we strolled along to the Kings Road, went to the cinema and then did a spot of shopping before checking out what is sure to become one of The Boy's favourite drinking spots, Cask in Pimlico.

 We paused to watch a Wedding party at the Town hall
 Managed to resist many a delicious looking treat at the Partridges Food Market in Duke of York Square (on every Saturday and definitely worth a visit if you're in London and are a bit of a foodie, like me)
 We stopped by the (surprisingly quiet) Saatchi Gallery - always a favourite

From the Kings Road we wound our way through Victoria to Westminster, I showed The Boy my secret photo spot by the houses of parliament, before heading up to Soho where we met some friends for an evening of unplanned merriment (the best kind).

 Cask - an absolute gem of a pub in Pimlico

I loved the walk and always enjoy a spot of sightseeing with my Boy, maybe flip flops weren't the most suitable footwear but all in all a pretty good day, which ended eating chocolate in bed watching A Time To Kill - bliss.

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