Monday, 3 June 2013

A week in Wales

Last week The Boy and I packed our bags and hit the road to take a well earned break and visit some friends in Wales.

Having not really driven for a year or so I must admit I was pretty anxious about getting back behind the wheel but thanks to the satnav we got there safe and sound.

The first stop was Penarth, somewhere that holds a special place in my heart, to visit our good friends Joe and Rox and their gorgeous daughter Edna. The view from their house out across the bay was amazing and one I could have looked at for hours and Penarth itself is such a wonderful, old-fashioned place that I immediately felt right at home.

  The Marine Building - a now abandoned Victorian hotel and the "Old Summer House" - a derelict Victorian billiard room on a cliff overlooking the marina, the beach in the afternoon sun
 Penarth Pier and seafront
 A pit stop at this beautiful lake somewhere in mid-Wales
 Sightseeing in the rain at Devil's Bridge Falls
 The drive to Aberystwyth through deepest darkest Wales

The drive up to Colwyn Bay was long and winding, made even more treacherous due to the torrential rain but thanks to some new songs on the ipod and a well stocked bag of sweets The Boy and I made it in one piece, taking in some amazing views along the way.
 The view at Jody and Olga's in Colwyn Bay

Just when I thought I'd seen enough sea-views to last me a lifetime we arrived at Jody and Olga's to be greeted by a panoramic view of Colwyn Bay, complete with wind turbines and fishing boats.  It was simply breathtaking and, coupled with the most comfortable bed ever, was one of the best places I've ever stayed.

New York in March was unbelievable and this was a different type of holiday entirely but none the less special. It was great to get to spend some time with The Boy and visiting close friends is always a nice way to truly relax. Work today was a slight struggle and I'm already planning my next holiday - even if it's just a weekend this time round.

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