Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Childhood friends

Back in September when I was taking part in the Blogtember challenge I wrote about my beloved, well worn teddy bear, whom I've loved for all the thirty years of my life. So, it was great to read in a recent copy of Stylist magazine, that I am not alone in holding on to this constant companion and link to my childhood.

Much Loved, a book filled with images of long-loved toys compiled by Mark Nixon really pulled at my heart strings, with many of the bears looking not dissimilar to my very own Teddy, and reminded me of my many others, who now reside in the loft of my parents house.

Nixon's images in particular reminded me of one lonesome bear who didn't even originally belong to me. I found Lonely Ted whilst helping Mum at the jumble sale and vowed that if he hadn't found a home by the end of the sale I would take him home with me. He wasn't particularly special, he wasn't even new, he just needed a home, and I'm a sucker for a lost toy.

So, you can see why this book really tugs at my heart strings. Here's some of my favourite images from the book.
 Much Loved by Mark Nixon is available to purchase on here.

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