Saturday, 15 December 2012

My week in photos 15

Things have caught up with me a bit this week. The new job, all the pre-Christmas festivities, which culminated in me oversleeping on Friday (the day of my review, good one Laura) and waking up at 8.23am. Which, when I start work at 9am and my journey to work takes 50 minutes, was not the best start to the day. Still, I managed to get it together (lord knows how) and make it to work for 9.30am - looks like all that half-marathon training paid off. I looked hot on Friday let me tell you.

The flat is looking more festive than ever and I am well and truly in the Christmas spirit - four days left at work before homeward bound! I cannot wait to spend some quality time with my friends and family.

Here's what I've been getting up to out and about over the past few days.

 Clockwise from top left: A suitable Christmas decoration for me (or Rosie at The Londoner perhaps?) - A cheeky snap of Prince Harry - Wrapping, DONE! - A Sunday stroll around the National Portrait Gallery
Clockwise from top left: Rolling Stones themed Christmas decorations at Carnaby Street - Love this heart light in my local Nando's (of all places!) - Mediterranean salad with Chicken, yum - Unusual art at the Saatchi Gallery - Gorgeous Christmas decorations in Sloane Square - Ready to load the tree up with every conceivable ornament - Escalator art at the Saatchi - New pj's on a Winter's eve, nothing better

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