Sunday, 11 November 2012

My week in photos 12

The past week has mostly revolved around eating - and the wrong kind of eating at that. The many parties, leaving dos and the wedding that we attended have left my waistline bursting at the seams. Something must be done. Therefore I have decided to embark on what some may call a detox but I prefer to call junk-food-cold-turkey. Christmas is coming and I am certainly on my way to getting fat, so before the season of finger food buffets and tins of chocolates arrives it will be fruit and veg all the way, for a while at least.

Here's what I've been getting up to (and eating) over the past week or so.

 Clockwise from top left: Christmas is coming! Picking up a festive snack at M&S - Delicious wedding cupcakes, to keep us going on the train - Make up for Grandad's birthday - A midweek cookie run to help us through the afternoon - My gorgeous girls, Annie, Bateson and Mary Anne - Picked up a copy of Time Out for Father - Dreaming of some vintage wheels - A blustery Sunday afternoon stroll along the seafront

 Clockwise from top left:The Great-Grandchildren help Grandad with his candles - I know it's blurry but it pretty much sums up the night - A note from the lovely Hannah - An amazing cake for an emotional last day at work - A random Thursday could only end with sequinned gloves and dancing - One last lunch with Clara and Rebecca *sob* - Me and the wonderful Gunilla - Ma and Pa in their finest

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