Wednesday, 15 August 2012

A weekend in Wells

A couple of weeks back The Boy and I took advantage of a rare free weekend when we weren't going to a hen do/stag do/wedding and headed to Somerset to visit his family for a few days. 

We don't get down to Shepton Mallet as often as I'd like (due mostly to the extortionate cost of the train or the bus-coupled with my general hatred of National Express) but when we do go, it is always a truly relaxing couple of days which leaves me wanting to return ASAP. 

On this particular weekend we all headed out to town for a walk in the sunshine and to check out the Swans of Wells, a public art event to celebrate the Queen's Diamond Jubilee and the city of Wells.
Those of you who read this blog regularly will know how much I enjoyed the Easter egg hunt that took place in London this year, the sense of fun when having to search for something and the delight at finding something unexpected certainly makes for a fun day out. So, naturally the idea of a Saturday morning stroll around Wells (a beautiful place as it is) whilst keeping a look out for a flock of swans designed by local artists was right up my street.
We started off in the churchyard and were soon spotting swans everywhere we went, each one more beautiful than the last. I loved so many of the designs and inevitably took far too many photographs but here are a selection of my personal favourites - I particularly enjoyed the "Queen of Shells" by Candace Bahouth, see below.

The idea behind the Swans of Wells is the display of 60 beautifully designed and decorated 5ft swan sculptures in and around the town, one for each of the sixty years of the Queen's reign. Taking place for just three months this summer, you can still catch the swans in and around Wells until early September, when they will be displayed as a flock in the grounds of Bishops Palace before being auctioned off for charity on September 29th.

We spent a couple of hours ambling around the picturesque city, popping into the odd shop and sampling the tasters at the local market (where I demanded The Boy buy me a chocolate brownie), before taking The Boy's Grandad out for lunch. It was a lovely morning, followed by a delicious meal in a local pub.

As much as I love a wedding, it was really nice to get the chance to spend the weekend relaxing with family, particularly as the day was followed by an evening spent in the sunshine in the back garden drinking a glass of Pimms - bliss!
Find out more about the Swans of Wells here.

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