Wednesday, 16 January 2013

A Saturday stroll

Last weekend Zsa Zsa and I decided enough was enough, we needed a girls day in order to catch up, de-stress and reboot for the week ahead, so we set off for a day of fun in our city.

I'd been wanting to catch the Tim Walker exhibit at Somerset House for months and, knowing it would be right up Zsa Zsa's street too we arranged to meet there for a spot of Saturday morning culture.

The ice skating was still pulling in the crowds, even though the festive season is well and truly over, but luckily the exhibit was eerily quiet, meaning Zsa and I could drink in the beautiful images almost undisturbed. As predicted Zsa loved it as much as me and after spending an hour taking in the gorgeous imagery we took a walk along the river. The day was crisp and wintery, perfect for a wander along the Thames path to build up an appetite for brunch.

We walked as far as the Kings Road, engrossed in conversation, where we headed straight to one of our favourite eateries, Le Pain Quotedian. We sampled the smoked salmon and scrambled eggs (delicious) with cups of fresh mint tea and mugs of hot chocolate and continued our usual rambling. It was a great day (what day spend walking, talking and eating with your best friend isn't?) and a wonderful start to 2013.

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