Monday, 10 September 2012

The Love list

It has been months since I have a written a love list and I'm not really sure why. I've been on Pinterest and Bloglovin almost daily but haven't actually compiled anything for you guys to see what I've been loving - so now's the time!

As much as I've been dieting in preparation for the Half Marathon, I also seem to have been eating a lot of cake lately (mostly due to all the weddings!), couple this with The Great British Bake Off being back on our TV screens and I am in baked goods heaven! Having made Banana Bread for Zsa Zsa's last day at work on Tuesday I am back in a baking mood and have been relying heavily on Pinterest for ideas for the next recipe - one of the dishes that's currently on my radar is this delicious looking Lemon and Blueberry Loaf.

 Image from Erica's Sweet Tooth

I always love Sydney's style over on The Daybook but I fell head over heels when I saw her rocking this little ensemble - the balance and the shapes are just PERFECT, I'm definitely going to have a go at creating something similar.

Image from The Daybook

I can't wait to dig out my knitwear as the weather gets colder. Lily over on LLYMLRS has got me dying to try out some statement necklaces (like the one below) with a chunky knit jumper and my leather jacket - come on Winter!

 Image from LLYMLRS

As much as I've been loving the warmer weather and all the summery weddings I've been going to I must admit I cannot wait for the colder evenings to arrive so I can cuddle up on the sofa with The Boy, go for drinks in the local pub with our best friends and spend Sunday mornings going for long wintery walks along the river. And make these amazing sounding dark chocolate chip and sea salt cookies from A Beautiful Mess - perfect with a cold glass of milk or a steaming mug of hot chocolate.

                                                       Image from A Beautiful Mess

Finally, for all you Mums and Dads out there, I find Pinterest to be a never-ending source for amazing projects and perfect ideas for helping the kids get creative, whilst saving you money along the way. I absolutely adore this simple idea to create a Barbie house using ring binders of all things (if only my Mum had known about this when I was growing up, it would have halted many a tantrum).

Instructions to make the Barbie House can be found here.

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