Thursday, 27 September 2012

Saturday at the Renegade Craft Fair

A couple of weeks back The Boy and I made the most of a rare free Saturday and decided to get out and about and explore the city we love. It's been many weeks since we've had any free time during the weekend and I must say I've missed our long ambles around town, so it was nice to have the chance to get out and about again.

An area of London that The Boy and I often visit is Brick Lane (even though we are clearly nowhere near cool enough for that particular patch of town) and this time we headed to the Truman Brewery to check out the Renegade Craft Fair.
Recommended to me by the wonderful Hannah of the blog What Hannah Found, the Renegade Craft Fair was right up my street, with many an item to tempt me to part with my hard earned cash (even though I did manage to keep my money firmly in my wallet on this occasion - this not spending thing is really working well for me!). There were so many gorgeous illustrations and prints that I was sorely tempted to purchase - but stopped myself due to there already being numerous prints waiting to be framed back at the flat.

Being from quite a crafty family (my Mum is probably at home in her study buried under a tonne of fabric/wool as we speak) I love any event like this and am keen to get back into "making things". Having made a print for part of The Boy's birthday present I am currently beavering away making similar items to sell in the run up to Christmas, so watch this space!
Renegade Craft Fair is a large scale market place event with a homely, DIY feel which showcases the work of indie-craft artists. Having started in Chicago in Autumn 2003 the event has grown in popularity ever since and is now held cities throughout the US and abroad every year – including Brooklyn, Chicago, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Austin, and London.

Find out more about the Renegade Craft Fair here.

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