Thursday, 3 April 2014

Cleaning out my closet

I read a fantastic blog this past week over on The Man Repeller, entitled "How do you spring clean?
I found this post so relatable that it almost made me sick. Talking myself into keeping an inappropriate item of clothing in the off chance I may one day be invited to the perfect occasion? That's me, on an almost daily basis. Namely, all those girly summer dresses that would be perfect for a picnic in the warmer months (obviously I hate feeling hot/eating outside/showing my arms and spend the Summer trying to be no fewer than two metres away from some sort of fan).

Having curled up with the paper a couple of weekends back at my Mum and Dads, I happened to read a very similar wardrobe clear out call-to-arms in one of the Sunday supplements. The message of both these features seems to be clear: I need to get serious about de-cluttering and curb my spending along the way.

With the house move just around the corner (having signed the paperwork it all seems very real) I'm issuing a self imposed spending ban for the month of April. Nothing frivolous or unnecessary will cross the threshold of the flat, as I really should be emptying my already overflowing cupboards and drawers, rather than filling them up again with this seasons "must haves".

That goes for toiletries too, I'm a sucker for a Boots three-for-two.

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