Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Plans and resolutions

2013 was a year of a great many changes in my life, and a great deal of adventures. 

I started the year in a job that I enjoyed but where something didn't feel quite right, and I closed the year working for a company where I can truly see myself being happy for a good few years to come. Even with all the craziness that working in retail brings.

The Boy asked me to be his wife and we decided that this is the year we buy a house, so already 2014 looks set to be a pretty amazing year.

I never got round to posting any New Years resolutions this year as, generally, I find they don't really work for me. Although, I have managed to stay off the Daily Mail online for a full twelve months, so I guess if your serious sometimes resolutions really do stick.

This year I've decided that instead of resolutions I'm going to set myself a series of challenges to try and complete before the years out - here's what I'm thinking.

A habit I'm going to break...not moisturising.
For a long time I've been getting grief from my friends for my skincare routine (or lack of it - a face wipe night and morning with the occasional scrub in the shower) whilst my bathroom cupboards groan under the weight of unused bottles of moisturiser. As the big move looks imminent I've decide that not only to improve my skin but also save my back come moving day, that it might be time to start taking care of my skin more and using up some of these pots of "magic", or so my friends tell me.

A new skill I'd like to learn...to bake (properly, tray bakes and banana bread doesn't count).
I've said this before, because baking is a skill I'd really like to have (for my future years as a fatty), but I haven't really got much further with over the past year. 2014 is the year that changes.

A place I'd like to visit...Berlin.
This is an ambition that I know for sure will be crossed off my list - as I already have a trip booked for March! I'm looking forward to exploring the city with The Boy and taking a break from wedding planning and house move paperwork. There's so many other places I want to visit but with all the added expense that moving and planning a wedding brings with them I'm really not sure if we'll end up visiting anywhere else this year. Especially as we've already cancelled our holiday to Florida, *sob*.

A book I'd like to read...The Book Thief, along with the hundreds of other books that are currently in my "to read" pile.

A new food I'd like to try...this is more London restaurants rather than a specific food, namely Duck and Waffle, Bubbledogs, Flesh and Buns, L'Entrecote, Chicken Shop, the list is literally endless.
We do go out to eat a lot but there's still so many places I want to try and with the big move happening in the next few months I really want to take advantage of exploring the capitals eateries with my girls (and The Boy).

I'm going to do better at..blogging, on a regular basis.
I love blogging, I just seem to have so many other things which take over my time at the moment. I'm trying to challenge myself to plan ahead and have posts ready to go so I can fulfill my favourite hobby (blogging) whilst keeping on top of all the other things my life brings along on a weekly basis.Watch this space.

I also want to eBay on a more regular basis, the main reason why I don't do this being sheer laziness. Plus, the very real prospect of moving house in the not too distant future has me wondering whether or not I really need all this "stuff". And I think we all know the answer to that.

If you follow me on Instagram, you will have seen me post the image below on NYE and this statement really sums up how I plan to tackle 2014, and my life going forward.

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